“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”

-Edward Hopper

About Rachael

Rachael Storey-Chase is an autistic, synesthetic artist, celebrated for her vibrant and dynamic mixed-media musical paintings.

Rachael also has aphantasia, another condition often associated with autism and heightened senses. Despite lacking internal vision, she brings her own experience of music and emotion to life on the canvas as multilayered sensory experiences, alive with texture, color, and metallics.

Rachael’s art explores language, music, spirituality, identity, and the threads of humanity that connect us all. Her self-developed, spontaneous, color-centric style of painting reveals her unique inner world, a place where hue and light are inseparable from music and memory.


mick b sm

Mick B

“Every time I look at one of Rachael’s paintings – especially with changes in light and the fluctuations of my mood – I discover a new splash of layered color or a contrast of shadow that invites new contemplation and sparks my own imagination and sense of wonder.”

cheryl m

Cheryl E

Rachael’s work makes me believe in the power of art. Evoking emotion with color and imagination in a way that transforms my soul.

areyja m sm

Areyja M

Rachael’s art makes me wanna dive into the mysterious-but-familiar dance of spirit, color, and soul-song that each piece invites us into. It is art in the truest sense – not an attempt to capture a tangible thing on canvas, but a means to invoke a feeling, a moment. Her work shares a point of view that resonates with those of us who are kindred spirits and asks us to participate in the creation of meaning.